I think I’m half bear because once winter comes around all I want to do is hibernate. I get extremely lazy put off things that I need to do and stop working out. All things that I SHOULD be doing.

Considering today is December 1st these are the things that I will be doing for the rest of the month to hold myself accountable and be more productive.


I don’t know about you but when it is dark out I struggle to get out of bed. I associate the dark with sleep and can’t wrap my head around the fact that I could be waking up and doing something productive. Isn’t sleep productive? HELLUR!? Waking up 30 minutes earlier every single day to do something for yourself, that could be making a homemade breakfast or working out or tidying up around the house before the day even starts. You’ll find that the feeling of accomplishment starts before your workday. That accomplishment will follow you all day and lead you to more accomplishments and better things.


Writing down daily goals will keep you on track and you will be more productive during the day. Also sidenote, you could do this in the morning during your 30 minutes of your time. Write down simple things like take out the trash, clean your room, get groceries, etc. The more you get done during the day the more accomplished she’ll feel the less you have to pile all of the chores during one day and feel overwhelmed.


I know that sounds funny depending on your age maybe like, really a piggy bank?! I promise you won’t regret this. Decided figure amount that you like to take out every single paycheck. Write this number down if you have to or you can make a calendar reminder just don’t forget about it. Take out as little as $20 every single paycheck. If you get paid biweekly $40 extra a month. If you do the month by yourself something special something that you wanted. It’s a reward for holding yourself accountable and sticking to your goal. The next month increase your amount to $30 and so on and so forth. This will help you start saving money rewarding yourself and you’ll be happier, believe me.

What are your goals for December? Do you follow any of these practices that I’ve mentioned? Are you also super lazy or is that just me? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay cool my friend, stay cool.



What if I told you that you could get free travel rewards by changing one thing? That’s right ONE thing. Put down your checkbook and debit card right now because you’re doing it all wrong.

Sit down (or stand, whatever floats your boat) and write down all of your monthly expenses. Don’t freak out we all have them. This would include rent/mortgage, utilities, car payment, student loans, ect. Now multiple that number by 3. Does your total come close to $4,000? If so, pack your bags because you’re going on a vacation.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card has the following promotion going on:


Book a flight, book a hotel, book anything travel related for FREE once you’ve hit you’re $4,000 mark.

Please remember to PAY OFF your card after your debts. Once your mortgage hits your credit card, pay that ish off immediately. Don’t build up interest and cost yourself extra money.

If you’re already making these payments, why not get rewarded for being a responsible adult? Am I right?

If you decide to apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card remember this one thing to help save you money in about a year. An annual fee of $95 is associated with the card. Don’t want to pay the $95? Add a calander reminder to your phone around the one year mark. Call Chase and tell them you want to downgrade to the next level down. The next card down does not have an annual fee and you can still get points per dollar spent.

You’re welcome. Make sure you remember me when you’re on your free vacation.

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.


Write down these (3) travel websites right meow. QUICK READ!

I’ve had my fair share of paying full price for travel and let me tell you my friend, never again. I am a pro when it comes to finding a deal because I’m incredibly cheap.

To be completely honest a lot of the tips I’ve learned via internet or travel friends. However, I do have a few tips of my own up my sleeve. Starting in no order (that’s too much work) see below and let the games begin!


Wow Jess, so original. No but seriously, the amount of money you can save on kayak is disgusting. Kayak will pull all airlines that are available and pin them against each other and add in some special, magical price that is normally a lot lower than booking directly with an airline. Just trust me on this one and try it.

* TIP– don’t have a destination in mind? Go to kayak.com and click on more and then explore. Put in your home airport and how much you’re looking to spend on a flight. BAM! They are all listed out for you πŸ™‚


This is a fairly new one for me. It works a lot like kayak but also will provide you with great deals on flights. I went to London in June and used Sky Scanner for my flights and it was almost $150 less than booking direct with an airline.


You can get fantastic rates on vacations on Groupon! Think of Groupon travel as like your personal travel agent. If you’re not in a rush, wait until they have a sale and use the coupon code listed under notifications to get some serious money off.

Of course you have other websites like travelzoo, Expedia, ect. But the above websites work best for me!

Have a travel website that works best for you? List it below!

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.



I like Tuesday’s because they typically involve tacos. Taco Tuesday, you’re my b. However, it’s the holiday season and I’m not trying to eat 14 tacos just because it’s a particular day of the week. Come on, Jess.

In replace of my beloved taco day I’ve decided to replace it with…drum roll please…Talk about it Tuesday! So original, I know. TAIT is I just sit down and say whatever is on my mind. No notes, no research, just me chatting it up. Things could get interesting.

Today’s topic of discussion is solo traveling. I’ve always placed the idea of traveling alone in the part of my brain that is called no way, no how. How could I be so closed minded? If I want to do something why should I wait around for someone else that wants the same? What if I’m 50 by the time I find a travel buddy?

Below are typical reasons why you SHOULD travel alone:

1. Minimizes costs
2. Makes you vulnerable
3. Learn about yourself
4. Meet new people
5. Try new things
6. Makes you smarter (maybe that’s just me)
7. Expands your mind

I mean I could go on and on. But really what is holding you back? Create a list of things holding you back. I promise it won’t be long. Money an issue? Stay in a hostel. Plane tickets too expensive? Find a cheaper airport further away and drive to your destination.

My first semi solo trip was with a group called Under 30 Experiences. You basically go on vaca with a bunch of strangers. Best thing I ever did! Look for a future blog post all about U30x!

Comment below if you’ve been a solo traveler before and tell me where you’ve gone!

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.