Write down these (3) travel websites right meow. QUICK READ!

I’ve had my fair share of paying full price for travel and let me tell you my friend, never again. I am a pro when it comes to finding a deal because I’m incredibly cheap.

To be completely honest a lot of the tips I’ve learned via internet or travel friends. However, I do have a few tips of my own up my sleeve. Starting in no order (that’s too much work) see below and let the games begin!


Wow Jess, so original. No but seriously, the amount of money you can save on kayak is disgusting. Kayak will pull all airlines that are available and pin them against each other and add in some special, magical price that is normally a lot lower than booking directly with an airline. Just trust me on this one and try it.

* TIP– don’t have a destination in mind? Go to kayak.com and click on more and then explore. Put in your home airport and how much you’re looking to spend on a flight. BAM! They are all listed out for you πŸ™‚


This is a fairly new one for me. It works a lot like kayak but also will provide you with great deals on flights. I went to London in June and used Sky Scanner for my flights and it was almost $150 less than booking direct with an airline.


You can get fantastic rates on vacations on Groupon! Think of Groupon travel as like your personal travel agent. If you’re not in a rush, wait until they have a sale and use the coupon code listed under notifications to get some serious money off.

Of course you have other websites like travelzoo, Expedia, ect. But the above websites work best for me!

Have a travel website that works best for you? List it below!

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.