Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Loves!

I hope everyone is having a safe and sunny Memorial Day weekend! I’m sure a lot of you are grillin’ and drinkin’ your little hearts away so I figured I’d help you incorporate little steps into your day that wont make it as bad!


Invest in a large jug of water. Grab one of the biggest water bottles at a gas station and fill that bad boy up all day long. I found that buying a larger water bottle makes me drink more water. If i’m constantly filling up a smaller water bottle, its going to get old real quick.  Hold on brb, have to fill my water bottle for the 80th time today. By having a larger bottle, it will cut that time in half.


TAKE YO’ VITAMINS GIRL! I keep my Plexus stock on hand during intense holiday weekends. Get your vitamins in before you bake in the sun, eat and drink all day. Take care of yourself right when you wake up so you wont forget.

Step 3-

Have healthy options! I’m sure their will be at least one trip to the grocery store this weekend. Make sure you grab some healthy options when there. Make a large fruit salad but divvy it up into small grab and go bags. This will be easier to keep healthy eating friendly and fun.

What is everyone doing for the holiday?

I am lakeside with my family and trying to get rid of this white ghostly color I’ve got going on. Hopefully I’ll be bronze in no time!

FREEBIE FRIDAY! Weekly Gratitude Journal!



I hope everyone is having is having a great Friday! I am starting a new series called FREEBIE FRIDAY! My goal is to help you live a better, happier life. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. By incorporating small steps along the way, you’re bound to live the life of your dreams in no time.

This weeks freebie is a weekly gratitude journal, hand made by yours truly! I’m beyond addicted to my weekly gratitude journal and it’s helped me attract positive people, things, money, etc.

Fill out the contact form below to get yours!



What are your favorite FREE plugins for WordPress? Quick read.

40 minutes stands between me and a 4 day weekend. HURRRRRY UP 3:30!

My plan for the weekend is to really focus on my blog and create content that is not only informative but FUN.

I need your help, WordPress users! What’s your favorite FREE plugin that you couldn’t live without? What is something FREE that’s made a huge difference in your blog?

Leave your favs in the comment and I’ll jump on ova’ to your blog to say hi!

How my life changed in 43 days. Picture included! Quick read.


The exact phrase I used when I started 43 days ago not even realizing what I was getting myself into. I was getting myself back to ME.

43 days of not only physical changes but mental as well. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. My mood is balanced and I’m not all over the place. I kicked my over the counter sleeping meds to the curb. I am seriously LOVING LIFE!

Oh, did I motion I get paid commission on my own orders?

So what you’re telling me is I can get paid to get healthy? Yup, you sure can!

If only I knew ’bout this sooner…

What’s your WHY? My reason for sticking to plant based supplements!

My “why” is a personal one.

They say in order to succeed you have to have a pretty strong why. Why do you want this? Why does it matter?

My why is 100% to never go back to the person I was. I was lazy, could pay my bills but used a credit card on the reg, unmotivated, lack of drive and just kind of existing. At 26 years old, their wasn’t much life, fire or excitement to me. I remember walking around Walmart one night for something to do. Yeah, that was pretty bad.

Fast forward to today. I am typing this from my phone, listening to a business YouTube video and have my computer on in front of me. I’m on 3 different devices as we speak. I had to give myself a bedtime because I have so much drive, energy, motivation and overall GET OUT THERE AND HELP THEM kinda attitude. Where did this girl come from?!

Turns out I was here all along. Our strengths and greatest attributes are always there but sometimes they are buried. Buried under low self confidence, anxiety, laziness, depression, etc.

Yeah, that was me. I can truthfully say…BEEN THERE DONE THAT and I’ll never go back. See, getting your gut healthy is not just getting your gut healthy. You’re freeing yourself of your deepest, darkest demons. Those demons that told you that you weren’t worthy enough for greatness. Those demons who said it’s ok to lay in bed binging on Netflix for hours upon hours while not working on yourself and the things that you love.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt.
I’m helping others feel better.
I am getting paid to do so.
I no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

Making the change is EASY. You just have to start. Stop living the life you weren’t meant to live and reach out to me today.



Happy Saturday, Babes!

I woke up bright and early and ran down to my computer to start my day. The amount of energy and enthusiasm I have before 8am should be illegal. I remember waking up around 9:30am on the weekends and have to do the mental argument of should I get out of bed or not. Psh, those days are in the past.

Like most of you, I was incredibly hesitant to start Plexus. I grouped it together with all of the other health products out there that didn’t work. One day, when my back was up against a wall and I was sick of being sick and tired, I took the leap. THANK GOD I DID.

I’m here to share some exciting news! I am offering a 7 day accountability group to anyone who decides to try a 7 day trial pack. This is killing two birds with one stone. You do NOT have to do this alone and should always have someone cheering you on.

JUNE 1st


You will be purchasing a 7 day trial pack of the Plexus Slim. The Slim is often referred to as the magical pink drink. You will receive 7 individual drink packets that you’ll add to a water each morning. The Slim is going to help balance blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids (fatty acids). When you start your day off with balanced levels, you’ll receive benefits such as:


Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with me. I’ll help you get signed up for the 7 day challenge and/or answer any questions you may have. I am SO excited to see where this challenge takes you!


Why you need Plexus in your life (3 minute read)

Every single person can benefit from Plexus. EVERY…SINGLE…PERSON.

A common misconception is that Plexus is solely a weight loss company. While weight loss is in fact a benefit of the products, it is actually a side effect! Plexus is a health and wellness company that is targeted towards gut health, balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels. When you begin to give you body what it needs, level blood sugar, a healthier gut, everything will start to change.

You could be a 50 year old business man working 12 hour shifts and stressed to the max. You have little time to focus on yourself and the stress starts to consume you. You are unhappy, tired, stressed and irritable. Or maybe you’re a 30 year old mother of two. Your day starts early and ends late. You are constantly trying to keep everything together and leaving very little time to focus on yourself. You are run down. You are tired. You are not at the weight you once were before the babies.

This is where Plexus comes in.

My favorite products are included in the TriPlex Combo and is our most popular combo pack. This is how the products will work to help you throughout your day:

Slim: Our Slim drink mix comes in individual packets which is one of my favorite things about it. You can throw a drink packet in your diaper bag, purse or briefcase and add to a water bottle within the first hour of waking up. This is going to start your day off with balanced blood sugar/cholesterol levels and help your food cravings lessen throughout the day. With balanced blood sugar, you’re going to feel more relaxed, at ease, less stressed, ect.

BioCleanse: 30-60 minutes before your meals you will take BioCleanse. This product acts as scrubbing bubbles to clear out your gut and make sure you stay regular. We do not want unwanted food stuck along our digestive track. BioCleanse helps to energize you and get that gut ready to efficiently move the next wave of food through.

ProBio5: About an hour before bedtime you’re going to take 2 probiotics. This is essential! One of the reasons why this product is my absolute favorite is because it will give you the best nights sleep of your life. I had awful insomnia and this is the only thing that works for me. You sleep like a baby and you’re getting healthy at the same time.

Insane…I know.

Before the TriPlex Combo I was tired, unmotivated, couldn’t focus, bad insomnia, overweight, anxiety and kind of just existing instead of living. This ALL changed.

Plexus offers a 60 day money back guarantee on every single product.  THAT is how much they stand behind their products. Reach out to me to start receiving the same benefits that I am receiving because they are life changing.