About Me

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m 26 years old… Almost 27 if that counts. I’m a New England girl at heart, love for the lake and mountains. My health and happiness journey has been a long, stressful and difficult. I was eating healthy, going to the gym and doing everything by the book but I was not losing weight or feeling any better.  I finally said enough is enough I’ll just go to the doctor. We went to the doctor had all test done and received a call back from a nurse who said well you’re results are normal, so basically good luck!

That was my day one and I am so grateful for it. I knew that I only could count on myself to fix my problems. I turned the Internet and started researching. I found a product that I thought OK will this isnt bad, let’s just try it.

To be completely honest, what I thought I was getting was soely a weight-loss product.  I had no idea that my life would completely change in all aspects.  My mood was balanced, I always have energy, I sleep the best I’ve sleept in years, I am losing inches by today and most importantly, I finally felt like myself again.