Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Loves!

I hope everyone is having a safe and sunny Memorial Day weekend! I’m sure a lot of you are grillin’ and drinkin’ your little hearts away so I figured I’d help you incorporate little steps into your day that wont make it as bad!


Invest in a large jug of water. Grab one of the biggest water bottles at a gas station and fill that bad boy up all day long. I found that buying a larger water bottle makes me drink more water. If i’m constantly filling up a smaller water bottle, its going to get old real quick.  Hold on brb, have to fill my water bottle for the 80th time today. By having a larger bottle, it will cut that time in half.


TAKE YO’ VITAMINS GIRL! I keep my Plexus stock on hand during intense holiday weekends. Get your vitamins in before you bake in the sun, eat and drink all day. Take care of yourself right when you wake up so you wont forget.

Step 3-

Have healthy options! I’m sure their will be at least one trip to the grocery store this weekend. Make sure you grab some healthy options when there. Make a large fruit salad but divvy it up into small grab and go bags. This will be easier to keep healthy eating friendly and fun.

What is everyone doing for the holiday?

I am lakeside with my family and trying to get rid of this white ghostly color I’ve got going on. Hopefully I’ll be bronze in no time!

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