What’s your WHY? My reason for sticking to plant based supplements!

My “why” is a personal one.

They say in order to succeed you have to have a pretty strong why. Why do you want this? Why does it matter?

My why is 100% to never go back to the person I was. I was lazy, could pay my bills but used a credit card on the reg, unmotivated, lack of drive and just kind of existing. At 26 years old, their wasn’t much life, fire or excitement to me. I remember walking around Walmart one night for something to do. Yeah, that was pretty bad.

Fast forward to today. I am typing this from my phone, listening to a business YouTube video and have my computer on in front of me. I’m on 3 different devices as we speak. I had to give myself a bedtime because I have so much drive, energy, motivation and overall GET OUT THERE AND HELP THEM kinda attitude. Where did this girl come from?!

Turns out I was here all along. Our strengths and greatest attributes are always there but sometimes they are buried. Buried under low self confidence, anxiety, laziness, depression, etc.

Yeah, that was me. I can truthfully say…BEEN THERE DONE THAT and I’ll never go back. See, getting your gut healthy is not just getting your gut healthy. You’re freeing yourself of your deepest, darkest demons. Those demons that told you that you weren’t worthy enough for greatness. Those demons who said it’s ok to lay in bed binging on Netflix for hours upon hours while not working on yourself and the things that you love.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt.
I’m helping others feel better.
I am getting paid to do so.
I no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

Making the change is EASY. You just have to start. Stop living the life you weren’t meant to live and reach out to me today.


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