Why gut health is SO important!

Did you know that their is over 200 side effects of poor gut health?

Do me a favor and go to google and just type in gut health and see what comes up. You’d think the most common side effects would be digestive issues like constipation or bloating. While both are in fact side effects on the list, the most common side effect is anxiety and depression. Who would have thought?

Since I’ve begun this journey my goal is to share my life changing results with….everyone. I purchased a product from a company that I honestly did not know much about. I thought I’ll lose some weight and that will be that. I call it the best mistake I’ve ever made!

When I received a package of plant based supplements, I read the instructions, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I remember I took the first product (of 3) that night and woke up a new person. I AM NOT KIDDING.

I always had insomnia and natural anxiety at night considering I live alone. That next morning I woke up and realized I NEVER woke up once that night- at all, whatsoever. I remember being so confused and saying what the heck did I take that was so magical.

I’ll be taking you on my journey with me to a life of health and happiness. I never thought it was in my cards but here I am, on a Saturday evening creating as many social media platforms that I can so I can share this with EVERYONE.





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