Let’s be real ladies, dieting is the worst. I mean like I can do it for a couple days but then it goes downhill real quick. My motivation came from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this week. Like many other girls, I decided the next day will be the start of a diet. Luckily I had the necessary items in my refrigerator to start fresh with no added temptations lurking in my refrigerator.

Meal 1- Breakfast:
I picked up some interesting oatmeal at Trader Joe’s. It was oatmeal with ground flax and some other good for you ingredients. I added some mixed berries and called it a day.

Meal 2- Snack:
By 10 o’clock in the morning I was starving. I opted for some fresh pineapple to try to hold me over until lunch. It worked considering it took lunch hour later…

Meal 3- Lunch:
I grabbed a nice healthy salad for lunch. I can’t say anything more about it because that’s all that it was… A boring salad.

Meal 4- Dinner:
By the time dinner came around I was going through every cabinet in my refrigerator like I’ve never had food before. I was shaking, I felt like I was about to faint. To save my own life I had to eat everything in sight.

Moral of the story, I just can’t do it. I know things take time and you have to practice at it I just don’t want to practice not eating.

Do you also hate dieting? What tips and tricks can you give me help me get through this miserable time of my life.

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.


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