What if I told you that you could get free travel rewards by changing one thing? That’s right ONE thing. Put down your checkbook and debit card right now because you’re doing it all wrong.

Sit down (or stand, whatever floats your boat) and write down all of your monthly expenses. Don’t freak out we all have them. This would include rent/mortgage, utilities, car payment, student loans, ect. Now multiple that number by 3. Does your total come close to $4,000? If so, pack your bags because you’re going on a vacation.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card has the following promotion going on:


Book a flight, book a hotel, book anything travel related for FREE once you’ve hit you’re $4,000 mark.

Please remember to PAY OFF your card after your debts. Once your mortgage hits your credit card, pay that ish off immediately. Don’t build up interest and cost yourself extra money.

If you’re already making these payments, why not get rewarded for being a responsible adult? Am I right?

If you decide to apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card remember this one thing to help save you money in about a year. An annual fee of $95 is associated with the card. Don’t want to pay the $95? Add a calander reminder to your phone around the one year mark. Call Chase and tell them you want to downgrade to the next level down. The next card down does not have an annual fee and you can still get points per dollar spent.

You’re welcome. Make sure you remember me when you’re on your free vacation.

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.


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