I like Tuesday’s because they typically involve tacos. Taco Tuesday, you’re my b. However, it’s the holiday season and I’m not trying to eat 14 tacos just because it’s a particular day of the week. Come on, Jess.

In replace of my beloved taco day I’ve decided to replace it with…drum roll please…Talk about it Tuesday! So original, I know. TAIT is I just sit down and say whatever is on my mind. No notes, no research, just me chatting it up. Things could get interesting.

Today’s topic of discussion is solo traveling. I’ve always placed the idea of traveling alone in the part of my brain that is called no way, no how. How could I be so closed minded? If I want to do something why should I wait around for someone else that wants the same? What if I’m 50 by the time I find a travel buddy?

Below are typical reasons why you SHOULD travel alone:

1. Minimizes costs
2. Makes you vulnerable
3. Learn about yourself
4. Meet new people
5. Try new things
6. Makes you smarter (maybe that’s just me)
7. Expands your mind

I mean I could go on and on. But really what is holding you back? Create a list of things holding you back. I promise it won’t be long. Money an issue? Stay in a hostel. Plane tickets too expensive? Find a cheaper airport further away and drive to your destination.

My first semi solo trip was with a group called Under 30 Experiences. You basically go on vaca with a bunch of strangers. Best thing I ever did! Look for a future blog post all about U30x!

Comment below if you’ve been a solo traveler before and tell me where you’ve gone!

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.


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